TRITON 2021: Forum for recent advances in technologies for translation and interpreting and more

Technologies for translation and interpreting have benefited from promising recent advances including the employment of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning technology amongst other latest solutions. The current pandemic has prevented the in-person exchange of ideas and networking of researchers and practitioners working on translation technology, interpreting technology, machine translation and NLP in general, but virtual communication opportunities have enabled continued collaboration and provided alternative communication channels. While eagerly awaiting the return of normality, we are proud to announce the event TRITON (TRanslation and Interpreting Technology ONline) offering an opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other and interact virtually.

TRITON will be an online event which will feature two days of conference presentations and one day of tutorials. The conference will take the form of keynote/invited speakers, as well as oral and poster presentations. A number of leading scholars and industry stakeholders will be invited as keynote speakers; oral presentations and posters will be accepted following a vigorous review process. In addition, brainstorming sessions for students who are researching or planning to research on specific topics, will be offered. The programme will be complemented by TRITON tutorials on hot topics from the fields of translation technology, interpreting technology or NLP.